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  • -€36.00


€156.62 Save €36.00

The voucher is valid for the purchase ofone trackday in the following circuits:

- Varano - Cervesina voucher (valid for ALL trackdays in Varano and Modena) SAVE €10

- Magione - Modena voucher (valid for ALL trackdays  in Magione and Cervesina) SAVE €15

- Cremona weekday voucher (valid for midweek trackdays on the Cremona circuit) SAVE €10

- Cremona holiday voucher (valid for ALL public holidays on the Cremona circuit) SAVE €20

- Misano voucher (valid for ALL trackdays  in Misano) SAVE €36

With the purchase of the voucher you will receive the proveliberemoto T-shirt as a gift and a 20%discount voucher on products and accessories available HERE.

All usage details in the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Buono regalo Natale: Misano voucher

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Once the order has been completed, you will be contacted via email by our staff, who will send you the personalized code to be used for booking the track-day.

These are the procedures to follow for booking and using the code:

- Select the free practice day you are interested in from the calendar and for which you purchased the voucher (for example, if you purchased the Misano voucher -> select a trackday scheduled in Misano).

- Add the event and any product combinations you wish to purchase to your cart.

- Once the product is placed in the cart, proceed to enter the discount code by clicking the "Do you have a discount code?" button. A space will then appear in which you can enter the code assigned to you via email.

- The voucher is valid ONLY for booking the track day.

- Any added combinations (recovery/box options) are NOT included in the value of the voucher.

- Proceeding with check out concludes the booking

- Once the booking is completed you will receive automatic confirmation via email

- For any information you can contact us by phone or via Whatsapp on 030 503 2626

The t-shirt in the gift box will be sent to your home or to the indicated delivery address.

The 20% discount voucher must be used by 28 February 2024 and will be sent to you by email once the purchase is completed together with the track-day booking codes.

The vouchers can be purchased until 23 December 2023 and must be used by 31 December 2024.


The vouchers valid for days in Cremona are divided into holidays and weekdays. The weekday voucher is valid for weekdays (Monday to Friday). If a weekday is a public holiday (e.g. April 25th), in this case the day will be considered a public holiday. The holiday voucher is valid for track days available on weekends (both Saturday and Sunday) and for all holidays (e.g. Easter, Easter Monday, 25 April, 1 May, 2 June, etc).