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Tazio Nuvolari Cervesina

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A relatively new circuit, the Tazio Nuvolari. Inaugurated in 2014, the Pavia's track has been and still is a fixed stage of the Motoestate Trophies every year.

Its variety of curves (11 in total, of which 6 on the right and 5 on the left) combined with the remarkable top speed that can be reached in the main straight of 720m, make it an ideal track for both two and four-wheelers.

Some technical data on the track:


Lenght: 2,8 km

Width:12 - 13 mt

Curves:6 (right) e 5 (left)

Straight Lenght: 720 mt


In 2019 Andrea Maestri conquered the track record 1.18.7 on a motorbike during the MES MotoEstate Trophy round. 

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