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The motorbike rental service on the track offered by allows you to rent and test vehicles on the track for all types of motorcyclists, both novice amateurs and more experienced riders, right through to the very young!

The motorcycle park

- Ducati V4R 2024

- Ducati V4 2024

- Ducati V2 2024

- Honda CBR 600 2011

- Kawasaki Ninja 636 2009

- Honda NSF 250 R Moto3

- Yamaha R3

- Ohvale GP 0 - GP2 160 (automatic or otherwise)


The motorbike rental formula by includes:

- Track-ready motorbike rental available directly at the selected racetrack on the day of the event

- Full day on the track

- Training and safety briefing

- Technical assistance throughout the day

- Access to the relaxation area and buffet

- Any damage from falls (for Ohvale, Honca CBR, Kawasaki 636, Yamaha R3): for these vehicles, no deposit will be required and any damage caused to the motorbike will be 100% included in the fee paid at the time of booking. In the event of a fall, the customer will not be required to pay in any case. A possible fall, however, will result in the end of your shift for the day. If the extent of the damage does not compromise the functionality and safety of the motorbike and the rider, it will be possible to recover at a cost of 30 euros for the Ohvale, 50 euros for the Yamaha R3 and 80 euros for the Kawasaki 636 and Honda CBR 600.

The deposit is required only for the Ducati Panigale and Honda Moto3. In the event of falls with these motorbikes, the value of the damage caused will be assessed by our technicians and deducted from the deposits paid (800 euros for the Moto3, 1000 euros for the Ducati Panigale V2 and V4 and 3500 euros for the Ducati Panigale V4R).

The slopes

Motorcycle rentals by are available on the circuits of Mugello, Misano World Circuit, Cremona Circuit, Tazio Nuvolari di Cervesina in the 5260 m configuration, Autodromo di Varano and Modena.

Requirements and minimum age

All rental motorbikes are available for adult, novice or more experienced riders. Once the booking is completed you will be contacted by our staff who will check your level. For minor riders, it is necessary to be in possession of an FMI racing license and to have reached the minimum age necessary for the use of the booked motorcycle, indicated by the Italian federation (e.g. 15 years for 300SS and Moto3, 16 years for 600SS, 18 years for 1000 SBK). During the event, the presence of at least one of the minor's parents is required at the racetrack.