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The service of motorbike rental on the track offered by allows you to rent :

and includes

  • Full day or half day on the track. For the whole day we ALWAYS mean 6 shifts of 20 minutes. For the half day (both morning and afternoon), 3 rounds of 20 minutes each;
  • Track ready bike
  • Briefing formativo e di sicurezza Training and safety briefing
  • Technical assistance (handlebar, footpeg, saddle position adjustment), tires and petrol;
  • Entry to our relax and buffet area.

The motorbike rental is active during the days of MES Experience track days and those indicated in the product sheet of the selected bikes.

At the time of booking, the rider can select either the full day or the half day, choosing whether to activate the rain recovery or KASKO options.

At the time of booking, you implicitly declare that you:

  • Knowing how to ride a motorcycle on the track;
  • To be in possession of an A driving license or to have/have had an FMI speed licence ;
  • Be in possession of the personal safety equipment and devices necessary for entry to the track (helmet, one-piece suit, gloves, back protector, boots ...).

In order to enter the track with the rented motorbike, it is mandatory to enter a deposit (the amount varies according to the motorbike selected) which will be returned at the end of the purchased session(s). The deposit will be retained in whole or in part only in the event that the rider causes damage to the motorbike. Based on the assessment carried out by the technical staff of, if the damage is of a value greater than the amount paid as a deposit, the rider will be required to pay full compensation for the damage .